Beeutiful Beeswax Wrap reviews and customer testimonials

I have been so impressed with my Beeutiful Wraps beeswax food wrap, it’s so flexible; I can use it to cover leftovers, for the kids to take their sandwiches to school or use as a plate at a picnic. The wraps make me feel like I’m doing my bit in reducing single use plastic, the kids love this too as they’re learning about reducing plastic at school. Having read a few beeswax wrap reviews before purchasing I am pleased I decided on Beeutiful Wraps!  Becky


I've been using the wraps for a couple of weeks now and have found them very useful!  I wrap the children's sandwiches with them, with the different designs and colours it makes it easy for me and my older children to recognise their sandwiches. (And of course the obvious brilliance that as a family we are doing our bit for the environment) Great product!   Louise


"I've used a lot of wax wraps and these are genuinely the best yet."  Gemma


"I couldn't be happier with my purchase. These wraps are such great quality and are so versatile. They have beautiful patterns and are easy to use. These wraps have kept my food fresher for longer than clingfilm ever did. I've ditched the clingfilm and will be ordering more. Great quality product and customer service."  Karen


"I LOVE THEM!!  If I'm honest they are better than I thought they would be. The concept itself works really well, I thought it would all come undone and not really stick but it really does!"  Annaleasa


“Love my new wraps. What a great idea!  I have used them for wrapping food in the fridge and a bread roll on the go. I confess I used to reach for the clingfilm quite often not any more.”  Lou


“I received these as a gift, I’m pleasantly surprised at how well they work. I would recommend.“ David


“I am so happy with my wraps!  They are perfect for the kids snacks and lunch. They look lovely too." Anna


“I ordered the 3 wrap pack. I'm very happy with how well they work. Definitely a game changer in reducing my plastic use. I will be ordering more.”  Nikki


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